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Premium Oxygen Concentrator Rental

Premium Oxygen Concentrator Rental

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Turn Key Oxygen Concentrator Rental

Say goodbye to Altitude Discomfort with our services and our premium oxygen concentrator – One of the best on the market. Save your time on Vacation. 

Rent our services for your days on travel.

How it looks: We come to you with everything needed, including a free delivery/pickup and free setup with altitude education. Supported by a medical background and high altitude experts.

Conquer Altitude at 9000+ Feet with Family and Friends

Say goodbye to lack of sleep, headaches, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath.

Save Your Vacation Moments:

Our oxygen concentrator is your ticket to a symptom-free getaway. So that you an your family can spend amazing moments on top of mountains.

More Ski Runs, More Mountain time, More cherished moments:

Empower your family and friends to conquer the slopes, enjoy events, and make the most of every vacation day.

Additionally saves you from symptoms of Hangovers and dehydration of long nights in Hot tubs.


We always recommend to rent for a couple days or the duration of your stay. Symptoms usually kick in after the 1st night of sleeping here in High Altitude.

Experience the Difference

Lets enhance your the experience at one of your favorite locations.

It takes time to acclimate, skip the wait and feel like you are at sea level the same day of travel with Oxygen.

Roughly about 30-40% sleeping at above 8000ft will experience symptoms.

Let us help you all adapt quickly while surrounded by some the highest ski resorts in the US. 

Convenient Features of the Oxygen Concentrator:

Dual Oxygen Concentrator: Two people can use it at the same time.

Unlimited Nasal Cannulas: Provided for you, your friends, and family. Everybody can use it.

Extension Tubing: Enables a longer reach for enhanced flexibility around the living room or bedroom. 

Humidifier: Enhancing comfort during use in the colorado air.

Pulse Oximeter: Conveniently measures oxygen levels on your finger.

The rental is a entire turnkey service with all the tools an tubing included in one. We help with all the hardstuff and help you set it up at your lodging/Airbnb/hotel for Free.

Free setup/expert education/local restaurant and secret spot tips. Free enriched liquid IV enriched electrolyte drinks.

Conquer Altitude Sickness today

Experiencing lack of sleep and additional symptoms? With just 30mins during the day or using oxygen at night, say goodbye to symptoms and more adventure and exploration in the mountains.  

Free Delivery to Your Hotel, Airbnb, or Vacation Home: Ultimate convenience delivered right to your doorstep 

Complimentary Set Up, Education, and Electrolyte-Enriched Drinks: We've got you covered from start to finish.

Local Tips and Experiences: Unlock the best of the area with our insider knowledge.

Exclusive Offer: Muscle Therapy Gun Rental for just $10 Extra a Day: Treat yourself to relaxation and recovery at a pocket-friendly price after skiing, biking, or hiking.

Ascend to new heights and conquer altitude sickness. Find comfortability in the mountains.

We want to provide you with a premium service at a great price. Your comfort is our priority.


These machines are meant for recreational/supplemental oxygen use. If you are feeling and experiencing medical issues you should call 911 or contact your local emergency room. These oxygen concentrators are meant for recreation purposes only to help support you ski longer, help relief symptoms and enjoy the time in Colorado.


Call today for same day delivery. 720-608-1003.

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