Buy an Oxygen Concentrator

Buy an Oxygen Concentrator through our Company

Let us help you and your guests breathe easy with a great Oxygen Concentrator. We sell our referbuished Oxygen Concentrators at a great price so you can use it locally at home or for guests when they come into ton.

We help you save money, our team leverages expertise, and knowledge. We provide a starter kit with everything for a seamless start.

With our Medical background we can decode the medical jargon with a breeze. Lets make this process as smooth as your favorite mountain breeze.

We are committed to optimizing your time and resources by delivering cost- effective solutions and streamlining your time.

We sell the Everflo Phillips 5L oxygen Concentrator.

For our Phillips Everflo 5l concentrator including a starter kit with free shipping is $695.00

Delivery of oxygen concentrator to your door in  7-10days with Free Shipping.

For daily rentals up in the mountains click here. To own call us.

Contact us at 720-608-1003 or at

Our costumer service department is located at 13 Granite Street, Frisco, Colorado 80443. We can be reached by phone directly at 720-608-1003.

Our refund/return policy encompasses a 6-month warranty for our Everflo Phillip machines. For assistance in initiating this process, please reach out to us via email or phone.

We ship with Fedex and UPS. Estimated shipping time is 7-10 days. We can provide a tracking number as requested once the package is sent. We do not ship outside of the USA currently.




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