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Massage Therapy Gun

Massage Therapy Gun

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Premium Massage Therapy Gun 

Rent for $10 a day on top of your oxygen concentrator.

An additional tool, a premium massage gun to help you after long days on mountain. Whether that's biking, skiing, hiking this will aide for extra days on the mountain and prepare you for long days. Help support your recovery, reduce lactic acid and improve blood circulation. 

A bonus with using oxygen and the massage gun together. A one of a kind team. The oxygen, oxygenates the red blood cells the body and the massage gun promotes blood flow to the targeted muscles. Thus the oxygenated nutrient blood cells go directly to your sore muscles promoting even a faster recovery. 

We care about your comfort and you getting the most out of the mountains and thought this would be a perfect tool for breaking in the legs and sore muscles after activity. 

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